Equestrian Expressions- The Beginning!!!

Learning how to ride can be a daunting task. There are several ways that thehorseridingstore.com can help, such as finding the right centre and equipment. However, there is so much more to be considered. When first entering the equestrian world you will encounter many new terms. The essential riding equipment and more technical riding terms will be detailed in upcoming articles. This one aims to give you a basic understanding some of the new words you might hear in the first few weeks. Hopefully, you’ll go onto to use them forever!!!   


Before the Lesson


When riding there is protective clothing that should be worn by riders to help avoid injury.   A riding helmet provides protection for the head should an accident occur. A body protector is also protective clothing, which is designed to help reduce impact to the back should you fall or receive a kick. There are many brands and options available for riders and it is important to get advice from people that are experienced with horses. 


The horses also have their own equipment, which is called tack. The horse will have a bridle on which is used for controlling the horses direction. It is consists of leather straps and buckles.  There are straps called reins held in the rider’s hands and are connected to a bit for steering. Horses also wear a saddle which is for riders to sit on while riding. 


During the Lesson


A gait is a horse’s movement and the speed that it is going. There are 4 different gaits that riders will learn about while riding. They are walk, trot, canter and gallop. Initially, riders will practice and perfect one before moving onto another. Walk is the slowest and allows riders to gain their balance and trust for the horse. The trot can be compared to a jog and a canter to a humans run. Galloping is the fastest pace and will not be undertaken by beginners. There are a number of movements and positions to remember when riding these gaits, which your instructor will advise you on. 


Horse Care and Handling


In the beginning there will be not only new terms to learn but tasks too, when at the equestrian centre riders may get the opportunity to take part in caring for your horse or pony. Even if you do not get the chance at the beginning you may hear others mentioning them in the centre. For example, grooming which is the process of brushing and cleaning your horse, using brushes and other equipment. When grooming horses people may start by “picking out” the horses hooves. This is removing dirt and stones from the horse’s feet with a “hoof pick”. Another task carried out daily which you will hear about is “mucking out”. This is where horse droppings and wet bedding are removed from the horses stable to keep their living area clean. 


These words will help get you on your way to learning about the exciting equine world. However, it’s important to remember that your instructor is there to help you learn and will understand that you are only new to the sport.  Try not to be shy and any questions you have bu most importantly- ENJOY!!!! 


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